Uptime and downtime with 99.9 % SLA

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SLA level of 99.9 % uptime/availability gives following periods of potential downtime/unavailability:

Link to this page: uptime.is/99.9

Powered by LISP The SLA calculator assumes a requirement of continuous uptime (i.e. 24/7 all year long) with following additional approximations (as described in the source):

Important notice regarding Google Analytics: Google Analytics is a great tool and provided interesting data on the popularity of uptime.is. Unfortunately, this tools is used all over the Internet to track the people and one cannot be sure that the collected data are not used for evil purposes. uptime.is shall no longer be part of this global tracking network. Therefore, as of 17 November 2015, Google Analytics is no longer used on uptime.is. Enjoy!

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