SLA uptime in case of 22m 17s downtime

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Downtime duration

Downtime duration: (enter duration, e.g. 1m20s)

Downtime with a duration of 22m 17s during a reporting period equals to the following SLA uptime percentages:

The measurements take place according to the following monitoring periods:

For convenience, there are some quick links for a number of common monitoring periods:

Custom monitoring periods

Specify a number of hours the availability shall be measured on specific weekdays. 0 means that there will be no measuring on a given day (e.g. on Saturdays and Sundays), while 24 states a requirement of 24 hours of uptime on a given day.

hours uptime per day
hours uptime per day
hours uptime per day
hours uptime per day
hours uptime per day
hours uptime per day
hours uptime per day

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